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April 24 2019

Signup is working again

From now on new users are very wellcome as the signup form is working again.

We are happy to welcome new users :-)

Your Soup.io Team
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February 13 2017

Update after crash ;)

Dear Soup friends,

We had a big database crash, and the backups we had were corrupted.
The only working backup was from 2015.
We are working hard on getting some data out of the crashed database.

Please be patient!
Your Soup.io Team

Hallo Soup Freunde!

Wir hatten einen großen Datenbanken crash, und die Backups, die wir hatten waren Korrupt.
Das einzig funktionierende Backup war von 2015.
Wir arbeiten hart daran noch Daten aus der gecrashten Datenbank heraus zu bekommen.

Bitte bleibt geduldig!
Dein Soup.io Team
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July 06 2015

Give us your money!

As some of you may know, we’ve been operating with the help of business angels for the last eight years, but this situation has now come to a (quite foreseeable) end. However, we’ve struck a deal for the coming year with our awesome hosting partner that allows us to … well. not pay hosting, and instead work on Soup.

And the first thing we’re gonna do is generate some revenue. We tried it for a bit by placing ads, but feedback was basically “please let us try and give you money first” - well, here we are :) asking you for money. Not to pay hosting (that’s taken care of for the next 12 months) or acquire hardware (we’re kinda sorta OK on that end), but to actually continue developing Soup further.

There are a lot of nice and very capable people that have offered to work on Soup, but without a minimal amount of compensation this would basically be slave labour. Well intentioned slave labour, but still.

So, give us money, it will go to minimum-wage code heroes, designers and maybe some merchandise (depending on how many of you splurge on the infinity package).

What we are planning on doing with your money:

- Improve the bookmarklet and fix displaying iframes on /friends and /everyone (already in progress with the money @testkitchen users spent - thanks!)

- Improve speed

- Better blog customization

- More imports (bring youtube back)

- Maybe a twitter export?

- Mobile reader

- What can you think of? Buy a year of Soup ●UP and let us know at team@soup.io!

What we’re not planning on doing with your money:

- Ads - this is budgeted separately and has basically been paid for (a last act of good will from the investors). But the less effort we have to put into ads because you guys shower us with money, the more we can put those resources back to user oriented improvements. Also, the development cycle will profit from not having to think of everything in terms of "will this be good for ads".

Oh, and if you always wanted to work on Soup, feel like you don’t need to make a living out of it, maybe are interested in a bit of equity (long term vesting scheme), are interested in thinking about great solutions for an incredible user base, are not afraid of re-factoring old and crummy design patterns into future-proof and scalable modules, and have a solid (or at least aspiring) background in one or more of: Java/Coffeescript, RoR, twisted python, SQL, caching patterns, design, UI/UX engineering, work queues, HTML5, … then let us know via team@soup.io or join us in #soupio on irc.freenode.net (someone is hogging #soup.io…).

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June 27 2015

Maintenance Window Sat 27 June

from 4:30 CEST (2:30 UTC) to 7:30 CEST (5:30 UTC)

Small but necessary hardware upgrade to the database.
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March 16 2015

SNAFU: Say Hello to Gargamel

As you might have noticed, /everyone is drowning in spam. It was always a bit bad, but now it's practically unbearable.

While /everyone is unusable right now, we're not giving up on it, nor on the "laissez faire" policy of including everyone. At least not quite yet.

That's why I've been building an artificial intelligence for recognizing spam over the last months that is now in an early test phase. May I introduce: Gargamel!

With your help (your spam reports), a bit of python, a hacked dspam, a bit of scikit.learn cobbled together with a few feature extraction regexes, Gargamel is slowly coming to life.

And one of those signs of life you might have experienced today: a funky little mistake made him report each and every post as spam. Doesn't matter that I built him with the express purpose to generate as little false positives as possible. He took no prisoners.

Anyhow, thanks to the emails of a few alert users, we've noticed the mistake quickly and reset the account status of all affected.

But for the future: if you get a "your account has been deactivated" message when logged in, and you are not a spammer, please let us know at team@soup.io - don't forget to include the URL to your Soup. In fact, the URL is all you need to include in the email. We will never be able to completely avoid false positives, but reactivating an account is really just a click away.

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March 02 2015

Sorry for the confusion

- my bad.

We got a lot of inquiries to re-activate accounts that haven't actually been deactivated.

This leads me to the believe that people mistook the former update as a message that their account was deactivated. That is not the case.

Only a select few may have been deactivated by accident, and those people will get a big, white screen when trying to log in with a message saying that the account has been deactivated. If you can log in, if you can post on your blog, everything is good :)

Updates in your notifications do not necessarily affect you personally - they are just a way for us to disseminate information to all Soup users.

Again, apologies for the confusing update.
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March 01 2015

If your account has been deactivated

and you're not a spammer (you know who you are ...) please let us know the URL of your soup at team@soup.io - we'll unblock you after a quick check.

Sorry it came to this, but we had to do something against yesterdays attack of the spammer drones, and sadly, some legitimate users got caught in the net.

Sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused.
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February 16 2015

Asset problems solved

Apparently, there has been yet another stampede from that other platform whose name I can not quite remember, which has lead to a significant increase in imports and images.

I thought we had a few days left to fix a small problem concerning how the pathnames are handled for images (we moved past 100 million images which broke the xxxx/xxxx scheme for the naming) but due to the sudden influx of new images from blog imports of that other platform the flaw came crashing down this weekend.

It should be fixed now. I also took the time to fix the audio tags and move (new) youtube posts to the html5 embed code. I'll see what I can do for the old posts.

Also, the ad side bar (which only logged out users see on the /post/ permalinks) has been made responsive so as to not show for handheld screens.

Btw, we can now disable ads on a per-blog basis. So if you really can't wait until we have the upcoming premium-payment-thing in production, drop us a note at team@soup.io and we'll disable (the very unintrusive) ads until you can pay up ;)

Anyhow, hey there to our new users!

Also, be excellent to each other. And eat Soup.
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February 15 2015

We know about the resized images issue ...

... please allow us 24 hours to fix it :)
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December 27 2014

Ads ...

Ok, so we got a bit of feedback for the recent ad enhanced (snicker) version of Soup, and it's both unsurprising and intriguing.

Placement of the static ad on the storefront pages (/everyone, /friends etc) - a no-no. Not because of 'eek, ads' but because of it's bad visual effect on the page. That's an obvious "told you so" for some of us, and I removed the placement today (although a small bug remains that prohibits from resizing the window to narrow).

What I wouldn't have thought: several users recommended putting the ads in the stream instead. That's an AdBlock+ policy no-go, but I severely doubt that they'd have exempted the skyscraper ads anyway. There's more research needed on which ads allow such a presentation, but it's a distinct possibility that we try this.

There've also been several demands to be able to donate. Two things: there are no donation buttons with a relevant reach (read: paypal, amazon) that allow for donation to companies. A concept that I find dubious anyway. I'm pretty sure only the smallest minority here would work for donations. Which leads me to the second point: I'd much rather have an insert-coin feature for Soup that let's you buy the product and service we provide. And for those that don't want to bother supporting, there should be an appropriate, Soup-y "native" ad product.

We're working on both of these things, but in the meanwhile, we need to pay our bills, and that's why the banner ad topic is not going away completely - for now.

In the meanwhile, we do read and consider every reaction to @kitchen and @testkitchen, comments on twitter, and mails to team@soup.io. Nothing is set in stone, and we do appreciate your feedback greatly.
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December 24 2014

Ads and refreshed storefront look

After we put the layout test online in @testkitchen for the last week or so, we're now trying a production test balloon for ads on Soup.

Currently those segments get ads from google (if they actually deliver, which I'm still not sure about): Logged in and logged out on soup.io/everyone, soup.io/friends, soup.io/fof, soup.io/followers and the user.soup.io/post pages for non-logged in visitors.

We're currently not touching other user.soup.io pages. We hope we don't have to, and if we really have to, we'll provide a means for opt-out.

Feedback is - as always - appreciated, and we're listening to it. E.g. people in @testkitchen didn't like the porn ads in NSFW mode, so logged in NSFW mode visitors currently don't get any ads, until we find a solution where the advertisers of non-explicit content are ok with NSFW content ...
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December 17 2014

Bug: some of you may not see any content on their own soup

This happens when your own soup is set to NSFW (you can undo that yourself by un-checking Settings/Content/NSFW Soup, provided you individually mark all your NSFW posts) and you're browsing in "safe mode".

Just click on the button in the top bar that says "Showing safe content" so that it reads "Showing NSFW content" and your soup posts should turn up.

You should receive a message when this happens (the same as when you visit other NSFW soups in safe mode) but this doesn't seem to work for everybody. We're looking into that.
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December 16 2014

If you get a "deactivated account" message, let us know

If you get "Your account has been deactivated" and you feel you've done nothing to deserve that, please let us know at team@soup.io with the URL of your soup - it may very well be our mistake!

The current version of soup now shuts out spammers. Some accounts may have wrongfully be considered Spam in the past, so just let us know and we'll fix it!
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You can now choose (not) to see “adult” material!

After three attempts to implement this feature, we’re finally there. You can now choose to (not) see NSFW (“not safe for work”) content by clicking on the button in the top bar.

On the flip side, you can now also set your whole soup or individual imports and posts to be NSFW.

Please refer to the @didyouknow entries on how this works in detail:

Please note: we’re not interested in making adult content invisible or pester you with silly “age verifications”. The switch to see adult material is in a prominent place, and we make it very clear what you’re currently seeing when surfing Soup. This feature has purely practical reasons: the mobile apps depend on it, users often want to visit Soup in a family/work environment but can’t, and when we try to think about anything that has to do with NSFW content that could finance Soup (such as e.g. ads) we simply need to be able to categorise undesirable material so as to not abandon either the idea or our content policy prematurely.

As you may experience, we implemented this in a human-driven way: there are no bots that set your soups NSFW status, just other users and us. And if your blog is hit with the NSFW status, you can disable it again yourself.

Up until now, we silently disabled blogs with even just one adult picture or text for display on /everyone. From now on, as long as you don’t forget to mark your NSFW material, your blog posts can and will be displayed to non-logged in visitors on /everyone again - and even the rest of it to logged in visitors if they chose to see NSFW content :)

TLDR; if you see adult content anywhere it shouldn’t be, report it via the flag icon (next to repost) and be sure to mark your own material when you create it.

As always, criticism and feedback is welcome. Just reply to this post.

And if you're interested in what we're cooking up next, members of @testkitchen see features long before (but also get hit by bugs harder than) the rest.

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November 04 2014

About tracking and privacy

We've been using quantcast and google analytics for quite some time (I think since the birth of Soup?) to collect minimal meaningful data about the visitors, where they come from and their approximate demographics.

We've not even been using the extended feature sets of those platforms, because that would've meant putting user data into the hands of a third party.

But what do we know from these solutions? Yes, we have a lot of polish users. And we're very proud of being in the top 30 something polish websites - at least according to quantcast - despite not understanding how we got there.

And that's kinda sorta the point - insight how we got anywhere. And this means metrics.

Now, metrics is a very loaded topic. Everyone does it, but nobody talks about it, except in their Terms Of Service legalese. People immediately think of spying, and it's kinda ... somehow ... well, it's not exactly not spying. But I personally don't think it's really spying either, but that maybe because I'm the one running the platform and have many years of experience what it means to know jack shit about your users and what they're doing.

So my view on things is biased. Thus, I decided to go the pragmatic route and just commit myself and the company to explaining what we're doing - hopefully in a way that people who are not into metrics can get a grasp too. If I can't explain it, or it feels creepy to explain it, well, that should be enough to make me think it over. And I'm taking a huge flaming pile of dung on legalese, because, you know, fuck you - not.

So my take on it is, metrics should be more like a census and what's called "city development data". To be able to plan what areas to develop, a city needs to know where people go to work, when and where they buy things, what the average income is etc.

It's the same with a web platform like Soup, except for jobs and shopping centers we have blogs and groups, and instead of cars and net worth of the individual we have posts and days since registration.

Anyhow, @whatweknow is dedicated from now on to explain what we're collecting, what we're doing with it, and maybe even post some results. If you have an interesting question that we should be able to answer with metrics, don't be afraid to ask @kitchen or reply to a post here! Sometimes we may be unable to give answers or give them not in absolute numbers, but we should be able to crank out at least a percentage or a general vicinity every once in a while. And if not, you may at least get an explanation why :)

Last but not least, a word to the wise: be inquisitive about your privacy on the internets, and use ghostery to understand what sites know about you.

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September 04 2014

We're currently experiencing intermittent outages

that are database maintenance related and sadly, cannot be completely avoided. This operation is a prerequisite for a new feature that will go online for @testkitchen users after the database change is done, which should be in a week time max.

When experiencing an outage, you should be able to continue browsing soup after five minutes or so. So, don't panic :)
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July 04 2014

Scheduled maintenance Saturday 5 July 2014

Around 10:30-11:00 a.m. CEST (8:30-9:00 a.m. UTC) we will do a middle-sized search hardware and possibly also a major database software upgrade.

We don't expect too many problems and should be done within four hours. Follow us on twitter to get notified about the start, the end, and any change of plans/desperate cries for help in between.
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April 10 2014

Please consider changing your password

One of the most widely used cryptography products called OpenSSL, that is commonly used to encrypt web traffic, has been vulnerable to an attack called "Heartbleed", which enabled attackers to read parts of the memory of a server responsible for encrypting traffic.

Soup.io has been vulnerable to this issue like +/-30% of the rest of the internet for a good part of the last year. 

While we did fix this issue yesterday, and installed a new SSL certificate today (due to the possibility of heartbleed having leaked the private key, although that's not a big problem due to our use of PFS), it does not however preclude the possibility that certain malicious entitites have been exploiting this vulnerability for quite a while before it became known to the security community and used it to stockpile on login credentials and passwords. Think NSA.

Now, you would think, "who would want my password? It's just Soup, there's nothing important there!" Well, you got a point. But you better make sure that you don't ever use this password again anywhere else (which you shouldn't do anyway).

tldr; change your passwords - like, everywhere.
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February 13 2014

System update time!

Starting today, this weekend, we will try to migrate soup.io to an updated version of the Ruby on Rails platform (one of the programming frameworks soup is using).

This has nothing to do with new features or anything like that though - it's a purely technical matter that has been a problem for a few years now ("technical debt", for those in the know).

But it's the most important step to bringing you a better experience, new features (beyond the smaller ones which we sneaked in there in the past half year or so) and pixie dust. So bear with us, we've put a lot of time and energy into it the past months, and we're reasonably sure that this can work ;)

We'll try to do it gradually, so if there are any deal breaking bugs, it should affect only a few, randomly selected users, and to those that have been chosen, we salute you! Also pity. But mostly, salute.

We'd appreciate if you could voice any concerns/observations/bug reports with a post @kitchen, or, if even that doesn't work anymore, on our getsatisfaction page.

Thanks a bunch in advance for your patience.

Let's do this thing.
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