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Asset problems solved

Apparently, there has been yet another stampede from that other platform whose name I can not quite remember, which has lead to a significant increase in imports and images.

I thought we had a few days left to fix a small problem concerning how the pathnames are handled for images (we moved past 100 million images which broke the xxxx/xxxx scheme for the naming) but due to the sudden influx of new images from blog imports of that other platform the flaw came crashing down this weekend.

It should be fixed now. I also took the time to fix the audio tags and move (new) youtube posts to the html5 embed code. I'll see what I can do for the old posts.

Also, the ad side bar (which only logged out users see on the /post/ permalinks) has been made responsive so as to not show for handheld screens.

Btw, we can now disable ads on a per-blog basis. So if you really can't wait until we have the upcoming premium-payment-thing in production, drop us a note at team@soup.io and we'll disable (the very unintrusive) ads until you can pay up ;)

Anyhow, hey there to our new users!

Also, be excellent to each other. And eat Soup.
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